Wednesday, 20 July 2011

This and that and an awesome book trilogy!

Hey again,

First of all: Sorry, I'm aweful when it comes to updating this blog and I'd love to say it is because I'm lazy (for once) but truth is, there hasn't been much exciting stuff to talk about in the past few weeks so instead of boring you with some random blabbering I decided to wait till there's something worth talking about.

So, is there? Yes! I've been working on a short story inspired by a song a friend of mine wrote some years ago and I hope I'll be able to upload it by the end of the week. Finally some actual writing of mine - awesome, isn't it?
Apart from that I hate to tell you that I've mostly been busy with my not that interesting writing job which includes exciting works such as reports about furniture shops or car businesses. Don't get me wrong, I love furniture and cars, I just don't like writing about them that much.

Anyway, in some - very much! - more exciting news I've been to Greece and had a wonderful week full of seeing cool places such as the Nissyros Volcano (I was actually in it! Marvellous experience!) and Rhodes (first time!), sitting on the beach and swimming in the sea (which would have been even better if Marmari beach wasn't infested with seaweed - yuck -, but well) and reeeeeading, so much reading! What have I been reading you ask now? Well, that's what I was going to tell you about!

Isn't that stunning?

About a month ago the last book in a UF YA trilogy by the incredibly talented Sarah Rees Brennan called "The Demon's Surrender" was released and having absolutely loved the two prior books, it's unnecessary to say I instantly had to get and read this one, too!
The start of the series is called "The Demon's Lexicon" and became my all-time favourite book right after I read it. It's about two brothers called Alan and Nick Ryves who are on the run from evil magicians that are after them since their mother, who is rather insane and actually an evil magician herself, broke up with the most evil magician of them all and also stole an amulet from him, he now wants back. Much to the dismay of the Ryves brothers evil magicians are also able to summon up demons to ask them for their power in exchange for allowing them to mark humans as their own and eventually possess them - guaranteed impeding death included. Naturally, they aren't too thrilled when they realize Alan got marked and there's only one way to save him... kill the magician who sent the demon their way, the very same they've been running from all their lives.

Go read, now!

Believe me this is just the beginning of a story that's way better than any short spoilerfree summary could do justice to.
So since it's summer and summertime is the time for sitting outside and reading lots and lots of books, here's is my recommendation for you - go and read it, now! And when you're done and loved it, too (as I am very certain you will), check out Sarah's website for her free short stories going along with the books (which are just as awesome as the main books!) and then go to her blog or write her an email telling her how much you liked them cause she deserves it. Just be warned: DO NOT read the short stories prior to the first book - you'll spoil the end and I promise you it's one of the best you've ever read!

Ok, back to work now.
Enjoy your vacations (especially those of you who still have week-long school vacations - how I envy you!) and the weather as long as it's still nice. If the forcast is right summer in Vienna is over already and fall is about to begin... not that I mind too much since fall's my fav season, anyway, but I know many of you won't be as thrilled and I'm trying to sympathise. :)

Till soon!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

My favourite writing spot

I've been working as a freelance writer for more than six years now and in my opinion the two biggest advantages this job comes with are that
1) no matter how boring the topic I have to write about I am at least *writing* which is something that in general I enjoy (as you might have guessed) and
2) when the afternoon is as nice as it was today I am free to postpone all working activities to the evening and enjoy an afternoon out in the sun - in my case on the WIG, which stands for "Wiener Internationale Gartenschau" (Viennese International Garden Fair) and is not so much a fair as it is a kind of huge park with small lakes, all kinds of themed (natural) environments, a little petting zoo and a picknick meadow. It's also called "Kurpark Oberlaa".

That's the opposite shore of "my" lake from where I usually sit.
You can see my spot on the left side if you look closely.

Since I am as fortunate as to having my own car it's only ten minutes away from where I live and it's like my personal refuge whenever I feel a bit too stressed out.
There's a great spot around the biggest lake where you can sit pretty much shielded from view and I love to go there, write or just think for a while and that was also what I did today. It's still pretty cold outside so it wasn't really warm, but it was sunny and I enjoyed it a lot. I had a short walk around and then wrote for about an hour, doing some concepting for my current main project, which in absence of a better title I'll for now and henceforth call "book-wip".

I'm always working on several things at the same time but like I said "book-wip" is my main project and it's also pretty progressed already. But I'll tell you about that another time.
Hope you get to enjoy the first spring days as well!

So long,

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The Beginning

So this is the start of my blog.
To be honest, I'm not quite sure yet what exactly you'll get to read here.
All I know is that it'll be about the things I write but I've never been one to plan a lot but rather make things up as I go, so that's also what's gonna happen here.

Anyway, hope you'll like it and enjoy reading!

So long,